Verona I: the Real Fake Juliet’s Balcony

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“We’re going to see the real fake Juliet’s balcony,” said Silvana the Guide as our bus rolled toward Verona. And so we did. When the 16th century building that’s now known as “Juliet’s house” went up for sale in 1905, … Continue reading

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Florence IV: And the Rest

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I’m starting with this photo because this pup was the cutest thing I saw in Florence. This was the second cutest thing. We did a lot of wandering around Florence and I have photos that don’t fit into any narrative … Continue reading

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Florence III: the Uffizi Gallery

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Patricia is a museum professional and went to grad school in art history. She’s the reason I know my egg tempera from my tempera grassa. So Florence — all of Italy, really — is her kind of place.  And the … Continue reading

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Florence II: Santa Croce & the Piazza della Signoria

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I’m back to my fascination with the Catholic (although I’m sure there must be other cultures in the world who do something similar) practice of taking and displaying body parts of  their dead. Relics, the parts are called, and it’s … Continue reading

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Florence I: Mostly David

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When Queen Victoria was given, by the Duke of Tuscany, a replica of Michelangelo’s marble masterpiece David, she was so shocked by his genitals (David’s, not the Duke’s) that she required they be covered by a plaster fig leaf before she’d … Continue reading

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Castello di Verrazzano

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Americans, even non-New Yorkers, know the name Verrazzano because of the double-decker bridge that goes from Staten Island to Brooklyn. The Verrazano Narrows Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the US and was named after Giovanni da Verrazzano, a … Continue reading

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Oh no! Not another charming hill town!

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Several years ago, I drove through Bavaria with a couple of friends.  Have you been to Bavaria? It’s unrelentingly beautiful and charming.  In fact, it became a running joke with us.  We’d round the bend on the autostrasse and a … Continue reading

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