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A Three Hour Tour

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Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale — a tale of a fateful trip,                                               that started … Continue reading

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I was a bit leery of Zion National Park, because it was the 5th most visited US national park in 2016 and I have more than a touch of enochliophobia (fear of crowds -yes, I had to look it up).  … Continue reading

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Bryce Canyon

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The National Park Service map of Bryce Canyon National Park says that the Queen’s Garden trail, the most popular trail at Bryce, is an easy to moderate hike with “gentle grades & minimal elevation change.”  Don’t you believe them. It’s … Continue reading

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Capitol Reef

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“It looks like a spaceman eating fries,” said more than one child, looking at the petroglyph, below. There were petroglyph panels throughout Capitol Reef National Park, and this one was along State Route 24, in the five miles between the … Continue reading

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Flying Over Moab

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“I hate you all,” screamed Mr. History Tourist (who is not a fan of heights) at our tour group as he went down a 1240 foot zip line, 75 feet off the ground. We were on the tour with Raven’s … Continue reading

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Dazzling Arches

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“Look at that!” “Look at that!!” “Look at that!!!” “OMG!!!!” Repeat that a few dozen times and you’ve got the entire conversation between Mr. History Tourist and me, as we drove into Arches National Park, five miles north of Moab, … Continue reading

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Lost in the Canyon of the Ancients

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We spent the first night of our recent two week trip to the National Parks of southern Utah in Gallup, New Mexico.  What’s in Gallup? Not much, as far as we could see.  But to be fair, we got there … Continue reading

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