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Assault with Intent to Peel

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My fellow tourists and I were filing into the city watch house for what I thought was a tour when I got a rude awakening.  “Women to my right, men to my left,” barked the very large man in a police…

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In Search of the Chincoteague Ponies

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Next to our hotel was the Museum of Chincoteague, a small but perfectly satisfying museum that collects and preserves, as its website explains “the material culture that reflects the historical progression of the life on Chincoteague Island.” It was extra … Continue reading

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Mosquitoes and Yankees in Chincoteague

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Chincoteague was, at the start of the Civil War, a fishing village on a small island on coastal Virginia.  It didn’t need slaves, but it did need customers for its seafood, and that meant that they needed access to northern … Continue reading

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Italy Redux

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I’ve enjoyed reliving the Italy trip and am not quite ready to let go yet. So before we leave, I’m going back one more time, to do a highlight reel. My favorite historic site: the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum … Continue reading

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Nearing the End in Orvieto

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Orvieto is a small city in Umbria.  It sits on a volcanic plug — the flat summit of a volcano  — on what is said to be one of the most dramatic settings in the world. It was  our last … Continue reading

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Assisi Is

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Uphill.  All. The. Time. What goes up must come down? Wrong. Roman Umbia’s central location made it desirable to conquering outsiders, starting with the Etruscans in 5th century BCE. The Romans showed up in the 3rd century BCE and stayed … Continue reading

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Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi

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The last thing I expected, at the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi in Assisi, were the soldiers with submachine guns roaming the basilica grounds.  Yes, they’d been at other major tourist attractions.  We’d had to go through security scanners … Continue reading

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