Bibles and Slaves

I’ll be in Charleston for a week, starting on Sunday. Then it’s the Outer Banks of North Carolina next month, New Orleans and DC in May, and LA and San Diego in June. So soon … eventually … new posts!

Meanwhile.  I’ve left Twitter and started Instagram, where I’ll post as-it’s-happening photos and commentary. If the stories and photos are any good (and even when they’re not), they’ll probably appear at a later date in this blog. But if you’d like to see stuff in a more timely manner, please consider following my Instagram account (@thehistorytourst). My step-daughter, who is my only follower at the moment, would appreciate it. I think she’s breaking under the pressure of having to ❤️ my every photo.

And finally, I’m reblogging a post from my last visit to Charleston. I love that place.


A tall, thin man in Charleston pastels pounced on us as we approached St. Michael’s Episcopal Church.  “Do you want a tour?  It’s free.”

George Washington had attended services at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Charleston during his Southern Tour in 1791.  I needed to check it off my stalking list so yes, we wanted to tour the church.  Well actually, I just wanted to see the church. Taking the tour was a necessary evil, since they weren’t going to let me wander through on my own.


The guide had us wait while he tried to corral others into the tour.  “Do you want a free tour?” he’d ask every person who walked past.  They’d look startled, mumble “no” and scurry away.  I began to feel a little uncomfortable.  Why so desperate to get people into the church?

It was, as with the Dock Street Theatre, nothing more sinister than…

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  1. I followed you on Instagram!

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