Hamilton in NYC Part I

Yesterday was Alexander Hamilton’s 264th (or maybe 262nd, no one really knows) birthday. So in his honor, I’m reblogging a Hamilton-centric visit to NYC a couple of years ago, when we saw several Hamilton sites and Hamilton the Musical.


The zeitgeist of Broadway is Hamilton the Musical, in which the story of the first secretary of the US treasury, Alexander Hamilton, is told via rap, R&B, Brit pop and other decidedly non-fife-and-drum styles by a mostly African American and Latino cast. It may be a quaint period piece in a few years but for now, it’s revolutionary enough to get its creator/lyricist/composer, Lin Manuel Miranda, a MacArthur genius award.  The History Tourist set hasn’t been this worked up about a play since 1776 made its debut almost 50 years ago.

So the weekend before Christmas, I went with my friend Patricia to see Hamilton (tickets are sold out months in advance; we’d gotten ours in August).  We took the train and got into New York’s Penn Station before 9 am.  Checking into the hotel at that hour wasn’t an option but I’d done some research and knew that we…

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