The U.S.S. Wisconsin is an Iowa class battleship that was launched on December 7, 1942 and served in WWII, Korea and the first Gulf War before being permanently decommissioned in September 1991.  She’s now part of Nauticus, a museum complex in Norfolk, Virginia that also houses the Hampton Roads Naval Museum, aquaria, and other marine life exhibits.

Virginia Beach 081

The topside tour of the Wisconsin is self-guided and I loved being allowed to climb up and down the ladders to explore the various decks at will.  There’s also a guided, far-below-deck tour, but the topside tour allows visitors below into the first couple of decks, and that was enough for me.

Virginia Beach 084

What I learned aboard the Wisconsin: no matter how large it is on the outside, it’s still tight and rabbit-warreny on the inside.  Twenty-seven-hundred people aboard is probably about 2000 too many for me.

Virginia Beach 094

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2 Responses to Big

  1. That top bunk doesn’t have a lot of space. If they got rid of the bottom platform that would give at least six inches.

    2000 too many? Probably 2500 too many for me! And yet I could sleep in that tiny space.

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