Calling of the Clans

December 7 was a beautiful, sunny day for Alexandria, Virginia’s Scottish Walk parade.  Sponsored by the Scottish government, the St. Andrew’s Society of DC and the city of Alexandria on behalf of the Campagna Center, a local social services agency, it happens annually on the first weekend of December.

scotish 074a

We stood across the street from the 18th century Carlyle House, where  a group of Revolutionary War soldiers were camped …

scotish 061a

…and watched local politicians, diplomats, scouts, dogs, reenactors and Santa march by to the music of bagpipes and drums. Everyone was in tartan, even the dogs.

scotish 025a

Alexandria, across the Potomac River from Washington DC, is best known for being the “hometown” of George Washington.  It was named for cousins Philip and John Alexander who, in the late 17th century, bought up some swamp land bordering the Potomac and developed it into a major port and mercantile center.

scotish 032

I have no idea how Henry VIII ended up in Alexandria.

The Alexander family had immigrated from Scotland — like several of the families who would become prominent in Alexandria — and based on this early start, Alexandria has become the hub of all things Scots in the greater DC area.  There’s the Tartan Day Festival, the Alexandria Scottish Heritage Fair, and the City of Alexandria Pipe and Drums.

scotish 076

Mr. HistoryTourist, who is Scottish on his mother’s side (Clan Grant), had dragged me once to the Virginia Scottish Games.  So I thought he might be interested in going to Alexandria’s annual Scottish Walk Christmas parade.

scotish 079

He wasn’t.  But my friend Kathleen was, so we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and had a girl’s day out.  Very important: the parking garage under its town square is $4 for the entire day on weekends (free until 11 am on Saturday morning market days).  Alexandria is full of fun little shops and restaurants.

And lots and lots of bagpipes.  Even Santa played one.

scotish 043

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10 Responses to Calling of the Clans

  1. nerdtrips says:

    Looks like fun. I have two friends who go every year. I grew up in Northern Virginia, but never knew where the name Alexandria came from. Happy holidays!

  2. m19flanagan says:

    I was there too! It would be awesome to do a planned joint-blog about an event with you sometime!

  3. Eh! I keep missing this! Good to get a taste of what it’s all like

  4. Looks like the average Saturday’s re-enactment parade in Gib! Well, bar the the kilts and HVIII

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