A Halloween Story

I’m a volunteer for the Historic Annapolis Foundation, an organization dedicated to preserving the historic buildings and teaching the history of Annapolis, Maryland.  It runs a museum and several historic houses, and is headquartered in one of the oldest – and, reputedly, one of the most haunted — buildings in Annapolis, the 1715 Shiplap House.  I’m generally not in the Shiplap House but spent a few days there a couple of weeks ago, doing prep work for some special events.  I was on the second floor, in the room with the window to the left (looking toward the house) of center.


Once a tavern, the most active of the Shiplap ghosts is a tavern wench – murdered by a customer and left in the back yard — who annoys female occupants of the house. Now I must say that I’m a skeptic when it comes to ghosts.  I’m not saying that there’s no such thing – there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy — but nothing I’ve seen, heard or read convinces me of their existence.  Still, as a history tourist, I’d like to think that there are people from the past clattering around us.  So when I got the Shiplap assignment, I hoped that Adrianne (Rocky Balboa’s wife was a  tavern wench?) would make an appearance and try to punk me.


Nothing happened during my week at the house.  Creaking floorboards above were the result of a wandering marketing intern.  And disappearing papers were the result of my aging memory.  On my final day there, I snapped a few photos for a possible future blog post and went away disappointed.

Then I looked at the photos on the camera.   One of them – of the stairwell leading up to the dormered third floor — was sideways.  I uploaded it to my computer.  Still sideways.  I didn’t move the camera or change the settings in any way during my quick photo session. I stood at one spot in the hallway and snapped one shot after the other.  There’s no reason that one photo should be different from the others.  Except.  Adriaaaannnneeee!


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7 Responses to A Halloween Story

  1. museummutt says:

    When is it open to the public?

  2. nerdtrips says:

    I live in Baltimore, so I will need to add the Shiplap house to my list of sites to see! I also want to take a tour of the State Capitol.

  3. Kathie Shattuck says:

    Ghosties love to mess with technology!!

    • That’s what I hear. Whenever I think of ghosts, I actually think of your house. Now that you’re out of there, I don’t mind telling you — that was one creepy house.

      • Kathie Shattuck says:

        I spent a portion of the first year afraid to look in the bathroom mirror – afraid I would see the previous owner. But after changing stuff out and making it my own it all settled down. I wonder if the new owners are having any similar experiences.

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