Cheating on the DC Cherry Blossoms

The Japanese cherry blossoms in DC were at peak this week, so I decided to get downtown early in the morning, to take a peek at them before I went into the office. I got there a little after 6 am with the hope that I would get there before the rest of the cherry blossom tourists. How naïve can a History Tourist be? The Tidal Basin, around which the most famous of the cherry blossom trees grow, wasn’t as unbearably crowded as I’ve experienced in the past. But there were more people than I expected that early on a weekday morning.

cherry blossoms 019

Anyway, I took my pictures and came away with the idea that I’d write a short blog post about it. That was until I saw Transplanted Tatar’s blog post about the cherry blossoms and got serious blog envy. Great post, exquisite pictures.

So I’m going to cheat and send you over there for your cherry blossom fix. Enjoy.

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6 Responses to Cheating on the DC Cherry Blossoms

  1. You are very kind. Thank you for the link. I love your picture of the arching cherries–they look old. Maybe they are the originals? They do look gnarled enough. Thank you.

    • That’s what I loved about those trees — the gnarled trunk. Based on your previous blog, I got the impression that the originals are the ones closest to the Jefferson memorial? These were on the north side of the tidal basin, near the paddle boat dock.

      • Hm. I think the nucleus of the 1912 plantings was past the Jefferson, just after the FDR Memorial, where the Japanese Stone Lantern is–that’s where the first trees got planted (of course, there were over three thousand of them beyond those first two). I read that only about 80 original trees remain from that time. I wish there were a map of where they are.

      • These trees were near a stone lantern, but not the old one. I thought I saw a sign that said that the lantern was the one that they light for the opening of the Cherry Blossom Festival. So I don’t think these trees are part of the 80 original. I’d like to know where those are too. Maybe a hunt for off-season.

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