Water, Water, Everywhere: On Venice’s Grand Canal

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“General Grant seriously remarked to a particularly bright young woman that Venice would be a fine city if it were drained.”  Henry Adams in The Education of Henry Adams “The best way to see as much as possible of Venice in … Continue reading

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Napoleon (Not) In Venice: the Correr Museum

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Napoleon briefly ruled Venice, starting in 1797, and not all Venetians were against him. Venice, until that time, had been an oligarchy, and many were tired of it. As admirers of the French Revolution, they saw in Napoleon the opportunity … Continue reading

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The Doge’s Palace Venice

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A doge was the leader of a republic and while other Italian republics also had doges, the title is most recognized as belonging to Venice. Venetian doges were elected for life by the city-state’s aristocracy using a convoluted system that … Continue reading

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Early Morning in Venice

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Nothing identified the Palazzo Selvadego, built in the 13th century, except a door with the winged lion of Venice above it. There were  clothing stores on both sides of the door, but those told us nothing either.  I felt like … Continue reading

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Floating through Venice

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I’d been to Venice a couple of times before but I’d never ridden a gondola. Because, you know, it’s so tourist and uncool. Just ride a vaporetto, like a local, and be done with it. I’m now at the age, … Continue reading

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To St. Mark’s Square Venice by Water

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There’s no motorized vehicles — other than boats — allowed in Venice.  So the bus deposited us at a terminal near the train station and we approached center city Venice by water taxi.  “Our hotel is next to the Piazza … Continue reading

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Verona II: No World Without Verona Walls

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After a quick look around the courtyard, Patricia and I walked down the Via Leoni toward the Adige River. It was noonish and we were looking for a picnic spot, to finish off our leftovers from Gusto Leo the night … Continue reading

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