The Dock Street Theatre on Church Street

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When I went to Charleston last April, I traveled with two friends who were Smithsonian staff and who were enthusiastic about a busman’s holiday going from museum to museum to museum.   This time I was with my husband, who … Continue reading

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Back in Charleston

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The folks at the South Carolina Department of Transportation are not the trusting types. During a recent road trip, we found this… …at each South Carolina rest stop. My husband and I just finished what we’re calling our “Southern Tour”: … Continue reading

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Preservation, Not Restoration

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I find value in buildings as they’ve evolved through time: no need to annihilate everything after 1800 for me. And no need to furnish houses to the max, either. I like seeing original items in historic houses, but I’d rather see … Continue reading

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A Weekend in Chocolate Land

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At the top of the tallest hill in Hershey, Pennsylvania is the Hotel Hershey. And just a few hundred feet down the hill from the hotel is the high school that my husband attended.  He used to sneak into the … Continue reading

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Annual Halloween Ghost Post: St. Augustine Lighthouse

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We were in the parlor of the keeper’s house at the St. Augustine, Florida lighthouse when my husband whispered to me, “I feel weird.” I thought he meant was sick. The rich dinner? The standing around in the heat? I … Continue reading

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President James Buchanan is often cited as the worst president in US history, for a lack of leadership — generally attributed to his waffling because he was a pro-southern northerner — that put the country on the final road to … Continue reading

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Capital for a Day

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James Madison came out of the Brookeville, Maryland house in which he’d spent the night of August 26, 1814 and walked up to the child standing next to me on the lawn. “Good afternoon, young man,” said Madison. “I’m the … Continue reading

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