The House that Shoes Built

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In 1880, Thomas Gustave Plant, the son of a successful businessman, left his home in Bath, Maine to seek his own fortune.  He makes it to Massachusetts, where he works as a laborer in various businesses before finding his niche … Continue reading

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History Along the Upper Valley

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The Connecticut River marks the western border between New Hampshire and Vermont and the road through the valley on the New Hampshire side (and on the Vermont as well) makes for a scenic drive. And for History Tourists, it has … Continue reading

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Augustus Saint-Gaudens in Cornish NH

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Many “Lincoln-shaped men.” That’s what lawyer Charles Beaman promised Augustus Saint-Gaudens to lure Saint-Gaudens to Cornish, New Hampshire. In 1885, Saint-Gaudens was one of the most popular sculptors in America and he’d just gotten a commission to create a statue … Continue reading

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Lowell: The Fabric of Our Lives

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Lowell, Massachusetts, on the Merrimack River, (1) is the fourth largest city in state, (2) was founded as a planned community and (3) was the largest industrial complex in the US in the 19th century. (4) It made textiles from … Continue reading

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African Burying Ground, Portsmouth

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In 2003, city workers digging on a sewer project in downtown Portsmouth came upon an unexpected find: 13 wooden coffins. It turned out that, in what’s now center city Portsmouth, there had once been a cemetery for African Americans, both … Continue reading

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John Paul Jones House

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I know I said I wouldn’t post about individual historic houses in Portsmouth, but it turned out that I have more than 500 words to say about John Paul Jones and the John Paul Jones House.  And I’m glad to … Continue reading

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Historic Houses of Portsmouth NH Part II

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Governor Langdon House Kathie assures me that we visited the 1784 Governor John Langdon House. It had an oval dining room, she says. It had extensive gardens, she says.  But honestly, I don’t remember a thing about it. I’ve looked … Continue reading

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