What’s in a Name

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In 1752, Salem Village in Massachusetts changed it’s name to Danvers.  To quote Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman: “Big mistake. Big. Huge.” Forty years earlier, Salem Village had been in the grips of a witch hunt.  Nine-year-old Elizabeth Parrish, daughter … Continue reading

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Plymouth, Pilgrims and Parking

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I’m thinking about changing the structure of the posts to something more chronological, with more photos and less narrative, more tourist and less history.  Let me know what you think: good, bad or indifferent. Lunch After all was said and … Continue reading

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Plimoth Plantation

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“You have to be careful,” warned Kathie. “They encourage you to go into houses and rummage around. But if they find you in their house, they’ll challenge you on it. They speak in 17th century English and it’s intimidating.” She … Continue reading

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Mr. Robbins’ House

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We noticed a small wooden house next to the North Bridge parking lot when we pulled in.  “What’s that?” I asked Kathie, an intimate of every pre-1900 house in New England. “No idea,” was her surprising response. “I’ve never noticed … Continue reading

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The Old Manse

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Crossing over the North Bridge the first time, we couldn’t fail to notice the world’s most charming boat house sitting on the south side of the river. So on the way back to the parking lot from the North Bridge … Continue reading

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Visiting the Visitor Center

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When last we met, before I got distracted by the Hermione, I was at the Minute Man National Historical Site in Concord, Massachusetts with friend Kathie. We checked out the North Bridge, the grave of two British soldiers, and two … Continue reading

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The Hermione in Yorktown

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Yorktown, Virginia announced that public parking in town on June 5 was being reserved for VIPs. We, the unwashed masses, would need to park at Endview Plantation, a museum owned by the neighboring town of Newport News, and take a … Continue reading

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