Capital for a Day

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James Madison came out of the Brookeville, Maryland house in which he’d spent the night of August 26, 1814 and walked up to the child standing next to me on the lawn. “Good afternoon, young man,” said Madison. “I’m the … Continue reading

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Undaunted in Battle

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The Battle of Bladensburg, Maryland — when about 7000 Americans tried to defend Washington DC from the advance of 4500 British — has been called the most humiliating episode in American military history.  Because despite out-numbering the British and suffering … Continue reading

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Mount Harmon Plantation at World’s End

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If you had all the money in the world and wanted to add a bathroom to your 230 year old Federal era manor, is this … … what you would do?  Even taking into account that you were doing it … Continue reading

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Small House Museum Love: Geddes-Piper House

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As I’ve written before: I love small house museums.  Or, for that matter, small museums of any kind.  I find that they have character often lacking in large, sterile environments. Quirky objects, quirky staff, quirky narratives.  What’s not to love? … Continue reading

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Bordello Lights in the Courthouse

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“Do  you know how I know I’m old?” my father is fond of asking.  “Wyatt Earp was alive when I was born.”  My father was born in 1926.  Earp died in 1929.  (Do you know how I know I’m old? … Continue reading

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Flee the British at Congressional Cemetery

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On August 25, 1814, British forces marched into Washington DC and set fire to the White House, U.S. Capitol, and other federal buildings.  Whatever you may think of the current occupants of those buildings, this was not a good thing. … Continue reading

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Tumacacori National Historical Park is the site of a mission founded in 1691 by Jesuit Eusebio Francisco Kino to minister to a community of farmers native to the area, called the O’odam.  The Jesuits were chased out of the area … Continue reading

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