Memento Mori

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Did you  know that the term “living room” in American lexicon came as a result of a movement to change the name of the public room at the front of a private house from “death room”? Pre-20th century, the dead … Continue reading

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Old City Cemetery

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Mr. History Tourist snorted when I told him that Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg, Virginia is that town’s most popular tourist site.  How sorry must a town be, was his thinking, if the best they can offer a tourist is … Continue reading

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The Last Salute

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The formal ceremony, during which the Army of Northern Virginia gave up their arms and colors, took place on April 12, 1865, three days after Lee met with Grant in McLean House. Mr. History Tourist and I were going to … Continue reading

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Appomattox April 10

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Appomattox Court House National Historical Park in Virginia covers 1700 acres, but the part with the tourist attractions is a much more manageable area.  What was once the village of Appomattox Court House is about one square mile and contains … Continue reading

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This 9th Day of April 1865

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My Civil War had started with Gettysburg in July 2013, standing with the Union near the Angle and watching as General Pickett and the rest of the Confederates charged through the field toward us, rebel yells punctuating their strides. It … Continue reading

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Our Fair Won Star

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The first governor of Arizona Territory was John Goodwin, appointed to the position by Abraham Lincoln in 1863. It was he who choose the site for the capitol of the territory, apparently for what it was not — which was … Continue reading

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Wyatt Earp Meets King Arthur

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We rolled into Prescott, Arizona mid-day in a snow storm, having roller coastered our way via icy roads from the Grand Canyon. The white knuckle ride had fried us – partially because we were not mentally prepared to be pounded … Continue reading

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